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Stefani Derosa - The Happy OrganizerI started my business in late 2005 and it has steadily grown ever since. I have a quick sense of what patterns work best and enjoy learning new things.

I have a lot of energy and enjoy directing that energy and developing solid solutions for my clients.

I enjoy helping people and the satisfaction that comes with knowing that the goals of my clients are attained, whether those goals are personal, professional or both. Knowing that someone’s personal goals have been realized or their business is flourishing because of the work I did for them gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

My business adapts to the versatile requirements of small business as well as the more robust bookkeeping services needed by medium-sized companies.

But life isn’t just about numbers and spreadsheets. Creating a stress-free living environment is an essential skill I teach my clients and is another service I offer separate from the financial bookkeeping part of The Happy Organizer, Inc. Remember: a stress-free life is a happy life. A clear, clean and neat home/office creates a clear, clean and neat mind.

Chaos equals stress and stress hurts everyone around you.

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Stefani DeRosa